V.I.P System

The VIP system is a premium service which players can get certain extra benefits over a period of time. It will be possible to extend its duration if it is acquired again. 

Prices and duration 

  • V.I.P (3 days) - 900 TX 
  • V.I.P (7 days) - 1.800 TX 
  • V.I.P (30 days) - 3,000 TX 

Benefits of the VIP system 

  • Increases HP by 30% and MP by 50%. 
  • Exclusive store of VIP objects (where to buy the stones of option). 
  • Activation of option stones in our weapons and armor. 


  • You can buy it from the store directly and its activation is immediate. 
  • You can extend its duration by consuming another object. 
  • The effects will end once the VIP time expires.

The item can be purchased directly from the store. 


And the following icon will appear on your portrait, indicating the end date of the VIP. 


There is a new NPC in Berneo where to buy new stones to improve our weapons and armor during VIP time. You can only see if you are VIP. 



When we apply the stones on our armor, it will appear as follows: 


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