Error: The memory cannot be read /written

This error can be caused by poor RAM, a faulty CPU, old drivers, hardware conflicts and a lot of other things.


The causes of this problem can be the following:
1. One of the reasons you might be getting this error is if your virtual memory configuration is very low. You can right-click My Computer, go to the Advanced tab, and click Settings under Performance.

Then click the Advanced tab again under Performance Options and click the Change Virtual Memory button.


2. Problems related to an incorrect use of a logical resource by an application or several applications executed simultaneously.

If you recently installed a program, try to uninstall it. Many times it may be that the software you have installed contains some kind of error and that is why the message jumps.

In addition, this memory error is referred to in software programs related to firewalls, antivirus, anti-spyware and similar. If you are using something like this, try uninstalling and see if the problem disappears.

If you have anti-virus software or any type of real-time Internet traffic analysis software, be sure to disable it and see if the problem disappears. If a program is analyzing web traffic, you can get the referenced memory error.

3. Depending on your hardware, you may be getting the error because your computer is not updated or your drivers do not have the latest version.

The main ones would be the video card, hard disk, chipset and network drivers. These are usually the main culprits for this type of mistake.

Also, be sure to install all the latest Windows patches and service packs. There have been several times when referenced memory errors were caused by Windows and not anything else.


4. Perform a System Restore
Hopefully, if you've received this error recently, you may be able to restore your computer to an earlier state. You can get this error sometimes if your registry has been corrupted.

The registry may be corrupted by a program, as stated above, sometimes even after it is uninstalled, you can still get this error because the registry is still corrupted somewhere.

You can try to perform a system restore and reach a status before installing the program. You can also try to download and install a registry cleaner and see if this solves the problem.


5. Run System File Checker
Another possible solution is to run the built-in system file checker program that comes with Windows. You can run it by going to Start, Run, and Writing CMD. At the prompt, type the following command: sfc / scannow

Then press Enter. It will scan all Windows system files and will replace any corrupted or deleted ones.


6. Uninstall the old version of Java Runtime
Speaking of software with errors, earlier versions of the Java Runtime Environment may cause this problem. What's annoying is that even when you upgrade Java, sometimes the older versions stay on your computer.


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